Tatkraft is an international business company. Our company is operating from 2012 and sustainably growing ever since

Tatkraft motto is ‘Brings comfort to every house’.

– Tatkraft has a wide range of bathroom accessories and storage solutions.
– Baby items and Kitchen accessories range is growing fast.
– We have a perfect range of heavy-duty clothes rails and shoe racks, waste bins and mobile laptop desks. Tatkraft brings comfort to B2B customers today as well (to offices and shops).

Our European R&D team creates and develops new items in Tallinn and Helsinki offices. Production is held in Tatkraft industrial branches in China, Taiwan, Poland and Russia. A lot of our products are BEST-SELLING AMAZON items on European and USA marketplaces.

Main priority for us is to maintain quality on high-level and to develop items that could help to make your home a convenient and relaxing place.

We think the Best item is simple to use, could be assembled without hustle and any additional tools (forget about drilling or nailing!). It is waterproof, stylish, compact, mobile and functional. We are passionate to think through the package and make it optimal in order to reduce package and delivery costs and to produce less waste. Therefore, you could pay fair price for high-quality long-lasting items that will make your life easier.

We use every response to make our products better. If you have any suggestions about our items feel free to share your thoughts on the link. If you are interested in becoming our distributer, please contact us on the link. For wholesale information, use the link.



Tatkraft – energy of nature in general and internal human energy in particular. That’s the word that totally characterizes the brand Tatkraft which was created to deliver energy and comfort to every house. This philosophy originates from Northern Europe countries such as Denmark, Norway and Estonia where the essence of comfort means much more than for example in Southern countries. Severe weather conditions in Northern Europe and struggling for life forged people and made them built robust houses to protect their life and families. The Tatkraft energy made them create durable and high quality interior bathroom accessories to keep the warmth and energy of their houses, living beings.

The Tatkraft brand discovered such products and included them in its range in order to widen the energy of warmth and comfort to other countries houses. That philosophy truly reflects the motto of the brand – Tatkraft brings comfort to every house. Each item is carefully selected and having advanced outstanding features deliver much more comfort to any house. Tatkraft bathroom accessories can even inspire your old bathroom with new Tatkraft energy and make it looks beautifully regenerated: beautiful and stylish new.

Tatkraft has everything for this purpose in its range: unique bathroom NO DRILLING accessories that save your time and money and protect your tiles from being spoiled, as they are using the vacuum power suction cups that can deliver the same comfort, guaranty durability, and can be much more easily installed and reinstalled as many times as you want. The top of the NO DRILLING collections line is surely MEGA LOCK vacuum screw – newly patented vacuum system that truly can be taken as an alternative to the ordinary screws. This is the only vacuum system in the world that can bear up to 16 kgs on smooth airtight surfaces. Such performance made totally secure the usage of vacuum screws for the Tatkraft bathroom accessories.
Mostly liked by all women, Tatkraft customers, nicely designed acrylic bathroom table accessories which are beautiful from one hand as they have pure classical and sophisticated modern designs; and durable unbreakable material due to usage of multilayered acrylic technology on the other hand. That makes Tatkraft acrylic items a breakthrough in the field of the table bathroom accessories.

Tatkraft corner shelves with oval wire shapes designs are the example of beauty and robustness that inspires you with energy and life in your bathroom. Every detail is taken into consideration while generating these shelves. Blue inlays will keep safely in place all your small items. The multilayered chrome finished wire will guarantee you long life performance. Such quality is proved by every day 24h salt spray tests that are carried out for all Tatkraft chrome finished items. Tatkraft philosophy and energy can be also revealed in its beautiful bright new designs in shower curtains, relaxing color ranges of chenille bath mats.

Tatkraft is also bringing you energy and comfort in storage items such as clothes stands and racks. Double bar clothes stand Phoenix is the only clothes stand that has a double fixing system: Pin-Lock mechanism and standard tightening mechanism.
Tatkraft – brings comfort to every house!




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