Clothes Rails: Wardrobe Organizing Ideas for Modern Apartments

Lately the clothes rails have become very popular for using at home. Since space saving and mobility features are essential for us in Tatkraft, we are happy to share with you our thoughts and ideas about garment racks.

Our life today differs a lot from our parents’ life: we have opportunity to travel a lot, we don’t become attached to a certain place of living, we easily change jobs, apartments, houses, cities and even countries. In this context everything that helps us to be mobile and on the move become significant.

Clothes rail is a good example of household item that actually makes our living convenient and well organized. We suppose that you cannot even imagine how functional it is if you have never dealt with a clothes hanger before.



If you order it online, you get a pretty compact package with everything you may need for assembling inside. With help of a small wrench for tightening the bolts included in the box you can assemble a completely new wardrobe within 10 minutes.

Then you can fully enjoy multifunctional space saver wherever you like around the house or outside.

The clothes rails of Tatkraft brand are sturdy, heavy duty items on wheels used for many different purposes by our customers.

First of all, they are compact and easy to move around due to castors. Some of clothes rails are foldable so they are easy to store when not needed. When you have guests coming or you need to dry a big amount of laundry you can just unfold it and use as long as you need and then move it away again for storage. Collapsible hangers can be packed easily when moving from house to house or upstairs to downstairs and vice versa. It means that it is also useful for travelling – take your mobile wardrobe with you when going for a weekend or holiday.

Some clothes rails are width adjustable so it can be adjusted according to your everyday needs.


Such items are used in apartments, in houses, in basements, in garages, in motorhomes and in other places where you would like to safely store your clothing.

Do you have a huge closet with a ton of clothes? You can put the garment rack in the basement for seasonal clothing and your bedroom wardrobe will be perfectly organized.

If you take part in car boot sales you definitely will be surprised by the functionality of collapsible garment racks. Unfold fast with one sweep and sell right away!

You can use clothes rail covers to protect coats from dust, dirt and moist.

When you have a big laundry day, you can easily hang some delicate laundry on the rack to dry. It is not bulky and rolls well from room to room when you go to put up laundry.

Clothes rails are extremely great units for extra storage and we believe they can alter everyone’s life for the better. Try it and send us a picture with your best experience of using garment racks wherever it may be.