E-Commerce as a Key to Success

What selling on Amazon taught us as a company?

Online shopping is very comfortable for customers: it saves a lot of time and energy. Moreover, growth of online e-commerce provides other advantages. First time in history thanks to global e-market, we are having what is almost like Perfect Competition.

All the options in the market are within one click. Many sellers sell the same or almost the same items, so customer could be picky.

Global e-commerce market forcing selling companies to become a better version of themselves.

Selling online on huge marketplaces gives seller an opportunity to get in touch with many customers. However, global market forces you to make changes:

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  1. BEST CONTENT. Your customer could hold the product in hands, one only see photos and words. In addition, trust me s/he will not spend any additional second on your page if your content is bad, since there are thousands of other options. Therefore, while struggling to increase sales you learn everything about you product, you make a best content.
  2. BEST ASSORTMENT. Amazon is an expensive marketplace. You need to kick away items from your assortment in which you are not the best. Or you will have only loses.
  3. BEST QUALITY. You need to care about the quality a lot.
    Online sales give an opportunity for every dissatisfied client to tell the world about it. Moreover, three negative responses decrease your sales tremendously.
    You immediately get the response about all flaws of your product. You get a clear vision about all the improvements you need to do to become the best.
  4. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. You have to do it; otherwise, your selling account will be blocked.
  5. BEST PROCESSES. Every wrong step reduce your profit. You need to optimize everything.
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Why we think that we could tell you about this?

Let me give you some back-story. Tatkraft OÜ head office is located in Estonia, Tallinn. We are selling home accessories under three brands: Tatkraft, ART MOON and Wonder Worker.

Tatkraft OÜ was founded in 2012, and we started selling on Amazon in 2013. In October 2017, our turnover only on Amazon reached 7-digit numbers a month.

We faced many difficult and interesting tasks during this period and our experience is unique among Baltic countries.

  • We are selling on Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Canada, USA marketplaces, and we are selling a lot. Moreover, we already started working on India, Japan and Australia projects.
  • We became global before PAN EU option was presented by Amazon. We created our own “PAN EU” (only three companies made the same thing)
  • In summer 2015, our company received notification that Estonian sellers can no longer be verified by Amazon. We opened Finnish Company to overcome this situation, but we did not stop working on make Amazon available for Estonian sellers.
    Now all Estonian companies can freely sell on Amazon. This year Baltic E-commerce conference (that took place in Estonia for the very first time) had a special guest – a head of Pan EU program Amazon.co.uk. John Barlow.
  • We are selling interesting items and creating high quality content in 6 marketplaces. We are manage to be in top in many categories in all 6 marketplaces.
    For instance, we are 6th and 7th in computer tables category on Amazon.com. There are 10000 offers in this category in USA!
  • We are very productive. Our team before January 2018 was only 10 people. Now we are growing as we have a lot of plans ahead.

What is it in all this for you?

We are now open for collaboration. We are growing and searching for distributers and professional sellers.

ASSORTMENT: We sell items that people are ready to buy a lot at high price (Amazon is expansive marketplace, do you remember?). However, directly from us you could get the items much cheaper (you could check our store on Alibaba.com).

CONTENT: As distributer, you get not only product itself but also unique content. All high-quality photo content is ready to be used in any English-speaking online shop. If you need translation, we will quickly manage this together.

QUALITY: The quality control is very strong
We have a history of long and successful relationships with distributors. If you are looking for a business partner, we are ready to discuss.