Tatkraft Care Corner Protectors Clear, Set of 16 PVC

  • These corner guards are clear so they won’t be an eye sore in your beautiful home! These will adhere to most surfaces as long as the surface is smooth and clean!
  • EASY TO REMOVE ADHESIVE – Place a moderately warm cloth over the corner and allow adhesive to soften, lift from one side and peel off. Any remaining adhesive can be rolled off and you can use a little bit of furniture polish for a final clean up
  • 1 MIN INSTALLATION – Adhesive comes factory applied, strong enough to stay on but gentle enough to come off and not damage furniture
  • ALTERNATE USAGE: For moving furniture! Protects not only the furniture corners from getting damaged but also prevents holes and marks in the walls!
  • First and foremost – safety for babies and kids. Never again will you feel fearful and anxious that your child is at risk of serious injury






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