Tatkraft Happy Mother & Baby Digital Body Scale 180Kg/Lbs Infant Mode Highly Precise, Big Screen, Anti Slip, Black

  • INFANT MODE: Hold baby, pet or luggage and stand on scale together – quick and convenient, no extra calculation needed! Highly precise – graduation increment 50 g (0,1lb)!
  • ADULT MODE: Ideal scales for the whole family. Adult mode graduation increment 100 g (0,2 LB)
  • STEP ON: immediate switch on technology. BIG LCD SCREEN: 74X40mm
  • CONVENIENT & SAFE: special anti-slip coating
  • OPTIMAL CAPACITY: Loading capacity 180 kg (400Lb), 2 standard AAA batteries included. Size: L30.2xH2,4xD30.2 cm






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  • Martha

    Hi – my scales have reset. How do I get back to baby mode?

    • Anna Loit

      Hello Martha, to change to infant mode press UNIT button for 4 seconds. Adult steps on scales, wait until his weight fixed and step on scale with baby on hands. Wait until baby weight fixed (it will be hold on screen for 8 seconds). Thank you for contacting us!

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