WonderWorker Sharp Knife sharpener

  • Give a second life to your knife and make it sharper than ever before with 3-stage knife sharpener. FAST AND EFFECTIVE RESULT: razor-sharp blade finish
  • SHARP & FINE HONE & POLISH. 1 – Tungsten steel blade for coarse sharpening perfect V-edge. 2 – Ceramic rod A for fine honing to eliminate burrs on the knife. 3 – Ceramic rod B for polishing
  • Safe anti-slip base and comfortable easy-grip handle, durable waterproof stainless steel panel
  • Stainless steel panel. Easy-grip ergonomic TPR handle, Non-slip rubber base
  • Easy fit in utensils drawer, dimensions: L21.5xH5.5xD5 cm
    Left-right handed option (follow the instruction on the box)





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