Our Mission

Tatkraft is a German word meaning “energy”. Our symbol is castle. Our slogan is “Brings comfort to every house”.

Tatkraft is originated from the North, where winters are long and dark. In the past people built castles to protect their families  from cold and dangerous world outside.

Tatkraft Castle

Home was a sacred place. Castle is a symbol of durability, long lasting quality, safety and comfort.

When it is freezing and dark outside, you appreciate comfort inside your home. Northerners learned how to find balance in life, to save energy for important things.

Of course, we are all different. However, world today is so fast, changing and loud. Everyone needs to have a place to rest and recharge Energy.

For Tatkraft the place where you need maximum comfort is your home. We want to save your energy and provide you with increase long-lasting comfort in your home.

  1. You will find full and sincere information about our products both in online content and on package. No additional research needed, no unpleasant surprises wait for you. Save your time and energy here.
  2. We optimize assembling and installation process. We are huge fans of no drilling/no tools concept for all accessories. All you need is already inside the box, no additional tools required. Assembly instructions are simple and easy to follow.
  3. Our items work effectively. Our typical product is mobile, durable, space saving, easy to install and use.

When creating a product we focused on one aim. We want to be sure that with this item your home will become more convenient, organized and cozy – comfortable overall.

So yes, Tatkraft does bring comfort to every house.