Top-10 up-to-date Dish Drainers & Racks for Kitchen

The choice of a best dish drainer depends on several requirements, and the size of your kitchen is one of them. There are many various options for both spacious and tiny kitchen which accommodate different needs. Our brands Tatkraft, art moon and WonderWorker provide a number of dish drainers for any modern kitchen.

Chrome Plated Steel Dish Racks

HELGA and DESERT represent the most popular classical model in the market:

→ easy to assemble, all required instruments are in the box

→ equipped with removable drip tray, cutlery holder and mug holder

→ rustproof chrome plated steel

→ compact and spacious design

2-tier chromed dish drainers are very easy to clean and convenient to use. Stylish design fits any modern kitchen. It is sturdy and secure for kitchenware. Equally important it could handle the after-dinner dishes for a family of four.

It is an efficient solution for apartment, country house or summer camp. It makes countertop look clear.

Anodized Aluminum Dish Drainers

No rust anodized aluminum is an innovative material which ensures long-lasting use in extreme moisture environment. SKY and HELPER are perfect dish racks for small rooms. It is a wonderful kitchen accessory! Compact ready to use design, convenient drip tray and anti-scratch legs.

BRAINY is a multifunctional over the sink drainer which is also used to dry fruits.

Dish rack compact
Brainy anodized aluminum dish drainer

 TPR Dish Draining Board

START is made of TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), durable perfectly safe material which is break resistant.  It’s major advantage is a folding design. It allows to simply fold it away for storage in seconds. The dish drainer is equipped with draining holes for fast drying and handy compartments for utensils and cutlery.

TPR dish draining board

Silicone Draining Mats

DRY is a heat-insulation silicone trivet and draining mat at the same time. Special ribs help dishes to dry fast. Extra water drains to the sink due to smart design of the mat. Easy to store when not in use.

silicone draining mat
heat-insulation silicone trivet

HOT is a set of 2 multifunctional silicone trivets. Silicone protect glassware from scratching, ribs help dishes to dry fast. Easy to care draining mat, dishwasher safe. Draining mats are easy to store, takes a very little space.

Another dish rack type is an over sink dish drainer – a perfect space saving solution for the kitchen. SPIN is made of durable  stainless steel and therefore holds up a fair amount of tableware. Roll it up when there is no need and store in the cabinet, under the sink or behind the faucet.

Over sink dish drainer
Stainless steel dish drainer

Stainless Steel Dish Dryer

Chrome plated stainless steel is an ideal material for kitchen accessories due to rustproof capacity and durability. Tatkraft CLASS is equipped with removable cutlery holder with drain holes. Such dish dryer uses effectively not much space and protects your dishes against chips and damage.

Choose your perfect dish drainer here according to your needs and enjoy! Nothing makes your kitchen look tidy and clean than a proper dish storage. 🙂

P.S. Please pay attention to the nice package – our dish racks are wonderful presents for your sweethearts!