No-Drill Self-Adhesive Bathroom Accessories by Tatkraft

We like an idea of mobile and easy way to organise things at home. We have already talked about some of our no drilling solutions for the bathroom and now we want to focus on the best self-adhesive home accessories produced by Tatkraft.

Self-Adhesive Accessories: Ultimate Solution

If you like to move home or you rent an apartment, you will highly appreciate the strengths of self-adhesive products. Self-adhesive bathroom accessories make life much easier:

— No need to invite installer with drill

— No need to drill through the tiles

— No need to clean room after long and disturbing installation

— No need to damage toys brand new stylish design

Self-adhesive hooks stainless steel

Advantages of Self-Adhesive Accessories

Our products are produced after several tests had been made. We guarantee strong hold up to 5 kg due to reliable self adhesive fastener.

Hooks and hook racks fix easily to any flat surface. They are durable and water repellent, what makes our self adhesive items ideal for bathroom, toilet, kitchen and other rooms.

Most of our self-adhesive accessories are made of stainless steel. It is long lasting sustainable material for multiple use.

Teaching Your Child Independence

We have products for families as BELL and FLORIDA where you can hang several towels and other things. These items were designed by one of the managers of Tatkraft company. We are very proud that this model has become very popular worldwide.

We also have cute hooks for kids as PANDA and FROGS. We are sure that kids like to have something funny and only for them in the bathroom. It encourages them to take more attention to hygiene.

Stainless steel accessories of a silver colour fit any home interior design. Choose the accessories you like and combine different products of the same style. Decorate your room in an attractive and functional way.

Hooks and hook racks produced by Tatkraft are space saving and multifunctional accessories. One can use it everywhere around the house for towels, cloths, keys, bathroom amenities etc.

Change mirror on magnetic base

The mirror has other advantages as well: it is unbreakable, provides true reflection, has smooth and safe edge. It gives opportunity to easily observe all the hard-to-reach places while shaving and also comfortable to put make up.

Tatkraft CHANGE shaving and make up mirror is another example of our self adhesive product line. It provides both wall mount on magnet and hand held option which is very comfortable in different situations. Strong magnetic fixation is guaranteed by a magnet base fixed to the wall and magnet on the back of the mirror. It is very easy to hang and pick up the mirror every time.

CHANGE self adhesive magnetic fixation

All self adhesive series by Tatkraft is available here. Just choose the one that suits you best! Remember: Tatkraft brings comfort to every house!