What does selling and marketing on Amazon mean?

Since Tatkraft was founded in 2012, Amazon has been the most important sales channel for us (310 million active customers), therefore testing our skills in both sales and marketing. Due to the high competition on Amazon it isn’t always easy to be among the best selling companies and customers don’t come to you by themselves in the beginning. Although, if you master the science of e-commerce sales, you could target to your customer precisely.

We have developed a step-by-step guide how to set up new products successfully. Our products launching algorithm consists of three important steps with an evaluation phase after each one: content creation, advertising creation, and advertisement management. We are now in top 10 and top 20 in many different product categories. For example two of our laptop desks Joy (#3) and Vanessa (#7) are in top 10 in the computer tables category on Amazon.com, in this category we are competing with approximately 20,000 other sellers.

Tatkraft Joy in top sellers list.
Tatkraft Vanessa in top sellers list.

First of all, before launching a new product, you need to research your future market niche. If competition is extremely high and your product does not deliver any specific value, there are great chances that you will be forced to work on a very low margin and put a lot of efforts and money into advertisement.

Amazon search bar

Content creation

This is just old product marketing classics; you could refresh the general idea from Blue Ocean Strategy by Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim or Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Al Ries and Jack Trout. Even though the world is changing fast, those main ideas still work. You need to have a clear picture of who is your customer, what is this item for and what is your main competitor’s advantage.

What you need to understand from the very beginning is that for online market, quality is vital. Customers’ reviews are an extraordinarily powerful instrument to ban from the market those who are willing to cut their costs sacrificing quality. It is a perfect natural instrument to move society towards more reasonable consumption, replacing cheap rubbish with long-lasting durable items. Our strategy is to produce and sell high-quality items. As a result we also pay a lot of attention to customers’ problems with products and do our best to help clients with any issues they are having with the product.

Tatkraft Joy Amazon page to showcase its content.

When you have clearly answered to main questions about the product, it is time to create the content. You only have several seconds to catch customer’s attention, who is overloaded with information and has hundreds of other options within several clicks.

First, you need to appear in the relevant search using correct title and keywords. While you are working with your new product on Amazon do not forget that the competitors’ products are as visible for you as to their potential customers. Search for the leaders in the category, study their content and reviews and make conclusions how to use this information. In addition try to understand how the products in your niche make it into the best selling list.

Title must consist of relevant keywords, because it’s the next thing after the first picture, what the customer will notice and it has to answer the customer’s problems. If you have a laptop desk with a cooling fan, but it is not written in the title it could possibly cost you thousands of clients, who are looking for a desk with a cooling fan. People will not look for the answer to their problems from the description, because the title has to answer their problems.

You need to catch people’s attention with the first photo after appearing in search. First photo must be catchy and bright. Description is what helps customers to have a clear idea about the product’s features and why are you selling it.

Remember that customers know better what they want and this makes reviews the most important part of e-commerce platforms. This is the best place where you can find tips to make your content better, get ideas of how to improve your products and understand your customers better.

Advertisement creation

Keyword research is probably not a thing you are unfamiliar with. In Amazon it’s as important as on Google or anywhere else, where you are creating ads. Though, in Amazon, the competition for some keywords could be even higher than in Google.

Amazon Vanessa advertisement.
Wonder Worker Einstein advertisement.

Above all, you do not have to invent the wheel, when advertising on Amazon. There are a lot of tools that can help you find out what keywords are trending, which ones are your competitors using and what phrases are people actually looking for. Furthermore, when creating ads, be sure to do A/B testing, especially when you are selling in different countries.

Advertisement management

Campaign creating is the beginning of your product advertisement life, so you do not just create a campaign and leave it there. It is a constant and very dynamic work with changing markets. In order to help you with the struggle, Amazon’s built-in advertisement tools are fortunately rather advanced.

There are also many tools (BigTrackerSellicsTakticalAmzScout) that can help you see how competitors are performing with the keywords you are using and how they are performing with the keywords you are not using. Use this information to renew your keyword database and evaluate results constantly.

Best practice is to return to your content after some time with all the data collected from advertisement campaigns.


If you created something beautiful, practical and high quality, it is only a start. Many brilliant products were lost in the competitive surroundings. You need to optimize your content and advertisement so that clients will find you easily. You need to hold their attention and deliver the value of the product successfully. Then your brilliant idea will have a long and successful life online, gaining positive reviews over time and increasing its organic rating.

This article is only a brief summary of our own experience and results from different product releases. Please be noted that Tatkraft is currently expanding its sales regions and will be happy to provide free trainings to our new wholesale partners.

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