No Drilling Solutions for the Bathroom

We all dream about cozy and well organized bathroom. Today we are going to present several bathroom storage solutions requiring no drilling and explain why we believe it to be convenient for you.

Sometimes it is hard to decide where to make holes in the walls especially when home renovation is just done. With time we want to change something around effortlessly. Or in case you rent an apartment and change the place of living from time to time it is reasonable to have home accessories which you can easily take with you.

That is why we want to share with you our no drilling experience. We believe it is very convenient when you buy things and you are able to use it right away without complex installation.

We introduce several product lines with different type of fixation: Megalock vacuum system, adhesive fixation, glue fixation, over door hook solutions and free standing items.

Megalock Collection

Megalock product line includes several accessories which allow to tidily arrange all your things in the bathroom.

The mounting system is very simple and reliable: a combination of special rubber and a steel disc provides really strong vacuum pressure. It can be used for non-porous, smooth, polished, glass or tiles surface.

Strong vacuum system securely holds the accessories on the walls, being resistant to changes in temperature and moisture proof.

Megalock suction cup does not damage the surface and is removable so you can move it to a new place whenever you like. You can easily relocate it within a couple of minutes!

The Megalock collection includes: double hook, soap dishes, toilet roll holders, WC brush and holders, towel holders, hair dryer holder etc.

Here you can find more detailed information about Megalock bathroom accessories.

Adhesive Fixation

Adhesive accessories are one more no drilling alternative for the bathroom.

They provide fast, strong and easy installation: fixation on strong self adhesive fastener. It is easy to remove even after long periods of time without residue.

Therefore adhesive fixation apperars to be an ideal solution for apartments or rentals since you do not damage walls with ceramic tile.

Such towel grabbers of modern design are ideal for tea towels, hand towels or cloths and fix easily to any flat surface.

Tatkraft provides a wide range of adhesive products, here are our best sellers – adhesive hooks.

More information about adhesive products by Tatkraft is available here.

Glue Fixation

This type of fixation is based on strong waterproof silicone glue. No need to use special tools, no damage to the walls. Bathroom accessories mounted on glue can be relocated anytime you like even after long periods of time without residue.

Isn’t it a great alternative for modern houses?

Toilet paper holder HOLD is a good example of bathroom accessories on glue.

Free Standing Solutions

What can be easier to use than free standing accessories? As examples we present our space saving toilet paper holder Ingrid and toilet brush holder Wendy. The items are very stylish and popular among our customers. Such holder allows to have the brush and paper always at hand, you can put it where it is convenient to you.

Hanging Solutions

As well as free standing solution, hanging accessories are one of the easiest items in terms of use! For example, our hook SEGER is made to be used over room door and over cabinet door, you just need to turn it.

BRIDGE is a stylish and functional towel rail which can be folded when not in use.

POSH – 2-tier plastic caddy for bathroom with hook. Hang on bathroom fixtures like shower head holder, connect as many baskets as you need and enjoy!

And HANDY – have you ever thought it is possible to store toilet paper rolls in this way? Put the holder over tank and have it always within reach.